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Jr Girls Club Tryouts

Junior Girls Club tryouts are listed for your information only. Each club has different policies regarding fees, travel, playing time, etc. You will need to contact each club directly for that information, we do not have it in the Region Office. Tryout dates for the 2016-2017 Junior Girl’s Clubs will be posted as they are received.

Pre-Tryout Requirement - All individuals must register or renew their Arizona Region membership online for the 2017 season PRIOR to the Open House evaluation sessions and Tryouts. You must provide the club with your 2017 membership card or PAID confirmation page that shows you have registered for the 2017 season in order to tryout with any club. Click here to go to Join the Region.

Age Eligibility - Not sure what age category you must play, enter your birthdate here and see what age category you must play.

Open House Period - The Arizona Region has established an Open House Period for players and their parents to visit different clubs in an attempt to decide which club to tryout and join for the 2016-17 season. The Open House Period is a 10 day period prior to the specific age group Tryouts.

During the Open House Period a club may offer a maximum of 3 Open House sessions for each age group that is not more than 2 hours in length. The club MAY evaluate potential club members by running them through skills tests and physical tests, MAY talk to the players and their parents about their club and MAY let you know about what level you might fit into in their club. The club MAY NOT offer (verbal, written or implied) a player a position on any of their teams, MAY NOT collect any commitment fees or down payments to hold a spot on their team, MAY NOT ask a player for a commitment prior to tryouts, and MAY NOT require you to attend more than one Open House session at their club.

The Open House Period is for the player to find out the club they want to join PRIOR to tryouts. Remember that just because a club says they want you to join their club does not mean it is the right place for you. Ask questions, talk to potential coaches, watch how they interact with your player. There are pros and cons to big clubs and small clubs. Big clubs might have more to offer for a player on their top teams but not so much on their lower teams. Small clubs may offer a more friendly environment, may or may not travel, may be tied to specific schools or may not offer the age group of your player. Check out the FAQ's regarding club participation before you attend the Open House Sessions.

The Open House Period for 12's - 14's teams is Nov 2 - 11
The Open House Period for 15's - 18's players is Nov 9 - 18

Tryouts may begin for 12's - 14's teams on or after Nov 12,
Tryouts may begin for 15's - 18's teams on or after Nov 19.

Arizona Region policy prohibits girls from trying out or committing to a club before the following: Ages 14 and under may begin tryouts on or after the first Saturday in November following the last State HS Championship match - this year that date is Nov 12th. Ages 15 and older may begin tryouts on or after the second Saturday in November following the last Girls HS State Championship match - this year that date is Nov 19th . Girls in High School and participating on their school teams are prohibited by the AIA and the Arizona Region from participating in any Open Gyms, Clinics or Camps during the time beginning with high school tryouts until the team is eliminated from the Girls HS State Playoffs.

2016 Girls High School State Championships - We have been told by AIA that all State HS Championships will be completed on Nov 9th.

Please do your homework before the tryout period begins. Call and talk to clubs and attend open house periods or clinics of clubs you are interested in (only if you are not in high school competing on a team or your high school team is done playing for the year - don't jeopardize your school eligibility to find a club).

Concussion Education

With the blessing of the NFL the state of Arizona passed concussion legislation that was signed into law April 2011. As a result all athletes and their parents must be educated in the signs, symptoms and what to do if you have a concussion. Coaches must also be trained regarding the same. In order to use school facilities for our programs and our tournaments we must comply with this new law. As a result the Arizona Region requires that each parent and player read their respective CDC Fact Sheet on Concussions and sign an Acknowledgement Form indiciating they understand the signs, symptoms and what to do if they think they have a concussion. The Acknowledgement form is to be turned in to the club with registration materials. No player will be put on a roster until this form has been received each season.

Athlete Fact Sheet Ages 11-13 Athlete Fact Sheet Ages 14-18 Parent Fact Sheet 7.16

SafeSport Education

The Arizona Region in conjunction with the US Olympic Committee and USA Volleyball have launched their SafeSport programs. In Arizona a parent and player are to read over the SafeSport Document and submit a signed SafeSport Participant Form (Page 3 of the SafeSport Document) as part of the membership paperwork. These signed forms are to be given to the club to submit with the team registration. The document is the definitions of the 6 aspects of SafeSport - Bullying, Hazing, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Emotional Misconduct, Physical Misconduct. The Arizona Region and USA Volleyball are committed to stopping abuse in Sport - How about You?

To help us with retention of these forms and making sure we have received both forms - PLEASE print the Concussion Acknowledgement Form AND Page 3 of the SafeSport Document BACK to BACK on one page. Sign both sides of the page and submit 1 paper with both forms. We greatly appreciate you helping us with this.

SafeSport Program Document and Signature Page - 2017

Click Here for Club Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

The Rumor Mill is flying fast and furious. Please be careful of what you believe when it comes to information regarding any club - including the one you are talking to. There are a lot of accusations flying about that are meant to keep you from checking out another club or coach. Please take all the rumors for what they are - a veiled attempt to lure you to their club without checking out all the clubs that might be a good fit for you. If you have a question regarding a rumor, please contact the club the rumor is about or the Region Office for clarification. Please don't pass on information (rumors) you don't know about first hand.

IMPORTANT - No club may hold tryouts or ask players to commit to their club before the designated tryout dates or they (the club, coach and/or player involved) may be subject to sanction - including but not limited to suspension for the year. Girls in high school that are age eligible for 14's may not tryout on the 14's tryout dates unless they are after the start dates of the 15's and older age groups.

IMPORTANT - After the Arizona Region season is over in May, some clubs may contact your player to join them in attending Volleyball Festival or another season ending tournament. Before you may talk to the other club you must first get released from the club your player played with all season. Players are not released from their club affiliation for the season until after the Girls Jr National Championships ending in July. Players that leave a club to join another club without first getting a release from the first club and the release being approved by the Region are subject to sanction.

Click here to access our Junior Club Contacts

For Tucson Tryouts or clubs looking for players click here

For Northern Arizona Tryouts or clubs looking for players click here

Phoenix Metro Club Tryouts:

Power Volleyball

We are still looking to fill a few spots for one of our 13s/14s teams.  If you or someone you know were not able to make tryouts this past Saturday, or the club you tried out for just wasn't a good fit for you, 
we would love to talk to you!!  Please contact Coach Allen as soon as possible so y’all can discuss the possibility of you joining the Power Volleyball Family!  Can’t wait to hear from you!

COME ONE! COME ALL!  Bring your friends!  We welcome anyone that wants to join in the fun!

For more information visit the websit

SJC Volleyball

Standout Juniors has 3-4 spots open on their 15s team.

For more information contact

The Ultimate Volleyball Club

UVC has 2 spots on our 15N team, 3 spots on our 14C team and 1 spot on 14T.

Visit our website if you want more information

If interested contact Tamara Beck at

Starlings South Mountain Volleyball

Energetic and eager young ladies! Starlings South Mountain Volleyball Club is looking for 11, 12 and 13 year old girls to become a part of the Starlings family. Parents and players in search of an enriching opportunity to improve their volleyball skills and enjoy unity through diversity please come check us out! Contact Paula Spratlen Mitchell, 602-821-5334 for more detailed information. Also, please check our website,

Arizona Desert Sky

Arizona Desert Sky is looking for 12's - 14s to complete a 14 and under Region only team (non-travel). Contact Linda Rodl at 602-451-9506 for more information.


AZ Heat VBC is looking for players on their 14-1 team. They are located in the East Valley and practice at the Tempe Kiwanis Rec Center in Tempe.

Contact Julia Jefferson at - check them out on their website at

ACE Volleyball

ACE Volleyball has some spots open on a 16 Club level team. For more information check their website

Desert Valley Volleyball

Desert Valley Volleyball is looking to fill 2 openings on our 14's team and 2 openings on our 15-1 team. Please contact Ben Markley at 602-525-9076 or for more information.

DC Stallions Volleyball

DC Stallions Volleyball club is looking for a few more 15s players for their team. Contact Frank Garcia for more information - Email or text 623-205-8975.

Tucson Volleyball Clubs

Tucson Eastside Volleyball (TEVO)

Tucson Eastside Volleyball (TEVO) is looking for a couple of 15s or 16s athletes. Please contact Chris Sanders at for information.

Northern Arizona Tryouts

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