Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

Joining the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

The Arizona Region uses the USA Volleyball online registration system WebPoint. The system is live for registration or renewal for the new season on Sept 1st of each year.

WebPoint requires each member to register themselves online. Payment may be made online with a credit card or you may send in your payment to the Arizona Region to be processed. All members will be required to register prior to the tryout time period. Proof of current registration will be required at all club tryouts. The online system requires electronic signatures for the waiver and release of liability and the code of conduct. No one is legally allowed to do this for someone else except a parent for their own child. The online signatures requires a driver's license number or last 4 digits of SSN as verification of who electronically signed the forms.

Anyone that was previously registered in the Arizona Region or another USA Volleyball Region should already be in the WebPoint system - however the information may need to be checked for accuracy and there could possibly be more than one record in the system. The record will need to be found to be renewed. A login and password will be established with the record already in WebPoint and issued to the applicant via email.

If your membership is in another Region and you have moved to Arizona DO NOT renew the membership in the other Region until it has been moved to Arizona Region. Call the AZ Region office to move your memberhship BEFORE renewing it for the new season - 480-626-6740 or email

The Arizona Region annual membership season runs from September 1 to August 31 - even though in WebPoint it says the membership is good to Oct 31. Each member must renew their membership after Sept 1st to tryout, attend clinics or participate with a club for the new season. The Arizona Region starts the new season on September 1st with our boys programs. We can not run two different year memberships in the same season. Any girls clinics or registration for tryouts that takes place after Sept 1st must be for the new season.

Where to log in to get started

  New Members Use > > > WebPoint Initial Registration Link
  Renewing Members Use > > > Webpoint Login Page

Additional forms required for regsitration

The following is a list of other forms or proof of age that may be required to complete registration:

Junior members - please give the club you join your birth certificate, concussion acknowledgement form and SafeSport form (please copy these two forms back to back for our filing).

Officials - please send your forms to the Region Office - scan and email, or fax to 480-626-6743, or mail to Arizona Region Volleyball, 9100 S. McKemy Street, Tempe, AZ 85284

Membership Type
Additional Forms/Paperwork Needed
If NOT paying online by credit card . Please register in Webpoint and select Pay Later as your payment type. Then send a money order or check to the AZ Region Office with a note stating who and what the payment is for. The membership will be marked paid when the payment is processed.
New Junior Player . Copy of Birth Certificate to be kept on File. Once on file there is no need to submit one each year.
New & Renewing Junior Player . Concussion Acknowledgement Form 2017
Player and Parents must read the .

CDC Athlete Fact Sheet Age 11-13
CDC Athlete Fact Sheet Ages 14-18

CDC Fact Sheets and SafeSport Doc . CDC Parent Fact Sheet 7.16
Sign the Acknowledgement Form and print Page 3 of   SafeSport Document and Participant Form 7.16
the SafeSport Document and turn in to the Club when joining the club.
Please copy Page 3 of SafeSport and the Concussion Acknowledgement form back to back.
Official .
Independent Contractor Agreement Rev 8.16
. . Official's Code of Conduct Rev 7.14
Jr Development Official include: . 2016-2017 Medical Release Form
Chaperone . Chaperone Responsibility Form

Membership is not effective until any fees and any other required paperwork are received and processed. Payment may be made online in Webpoint. Otherwise Cash, checks or credit cards are accepted. Please register early to avoid the crush prior to tryouts.

NOTE: When you log in to renew you MUST select the button on the left side marked RENEW MEMBERSHIP. If you just make changes to the data you have not renewed the membership.

Having Trouble? If you have trouble registering or finding your information in the system contact Lisa Naughton, the Arizona Region Registrar, for help. You can contact Lisa via email at or via phone 480-626-6740.

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Joining a Club

Attend tryouts of the club(s) you are interested in participating with for the season. Once you have made a team and committed to the club by signing a contract or paying any fees, you are considered committed to the club for the entire season. Once you have committed to a club you are no longer eligible to tryout at other clubs nor are other clubs allowed to recruit you to come to their club.

The arrangement between a club and a player is just that - a business association between two parties. The Arizona Region is not a part of that business association. Any financial commitments or obligations between the club and the player are between the club and the player. If there is a dispute it needs to be handled like any other business deal - between the two parties involved. Please make sure you do your homework before signing any club contract or paying any commitment fees to the club.

The Arizona Region and USA Volleybal considers a commitment to a club to be for the entire season. It is not a common practice to change clubs during the season as budgets and team fees are built around the players committed to the club. Please realize that your commitment to a club is critical to the other team members as well as to the club.

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Selecting the Club

Once you have joined a club you will need to return to WebPoint and select the club. Please follow the following steps to select your club:

  • Login to WebPoint
  • If you have not been back to WebPoint since your initial registration it may prompt you to select a security question and/or change your password. Do this first.
  • Select the blue button on the left that is labeled Member Area
  • Select the tab at the top that say Membership Profile
  • The club drop down menu is on the middle right of this page. Select the club you have joined from the drop down menu. Make sure it is correct before proceeding as once it has been submitted you are no longer given the opportunity to change the club.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Edit Contact Info button.
  • If you choose the wrong club by mistake you will need to contact the AZ Region office to correct the club association.

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Membership Types

The following information should be reviewed to determine the type(s) of membership and fees that one person may be registering with the Arizona Region.

Adult Member -

  • Junior Coaches, Junior Club Directors, Adult Players, Officials will all be registered as Adult members but will choose all that apply. One person may be an adult player, a junior coach and an official. All these would need to be identified in the system in order to participate as such.
  • A full Adult membership is $55.
  • A Chaperone membership is $30 and good for all events chaperoned in the same season.
  • Officials and Any Adult associated with a Junior Club are required to submit to a background screen through the USAV approved vendor (SSCI). The background screen is good for two consecutive seasons. The cost is $20. The background screen may be submitted online through the WebPoint system. If your club is paying for the background screen and membership they must notify the AZ Region of the names of the individuals they are paying for. If the club does not identfy the coach or chaperone as part of their club the background screen will not be submitted until payment has been made to the AZ Region.
  • Any adult associated with a junior club is required to submit or electronically sign a Jr Club Personnel Code of Ethics on the WebPoint system.
  • Officials must also submit an Official's Code of Ethics, an Independent Contractor Agreement/Sole Proprietor Form in order to work tournaments for the Arizona Region. These are not available to be signed electronically - they must be printed off, signed and submitted.
  • A Collegiate membership is for college students that are participating on either a collegiate club team or on one of our adult teams.
  • If a college student is also a junior club coach this membership IS NOT for you. A junior club coach must be a full adult member.
  • A collegiate membership is $15.

Senior Member -

  • Adult players age 45 and older that are just registering to participate in the USA Open National tournament can register with a Senior Membership. This is considered a Full Membership type for the purposes of attending the National Tournament.
  • A senior adult membership is $30.

Junior Member -

  • Junior members are boys and girls in high school or below.
  • The Junior member must meet specific age requirements to play on teams. Players may always "play up" (on a team in an age category that is older than the player's age category) but are not able to "play down" (on a team that is younger than the player's age category). An Age Waiver may be applied for under specific conditions and only for play on a Club Division or non-traveling teams. There is a maximum of two age waivers allowed on any one team. Age Waivers are not accepted for teams participating in the Open or Championship Divisions on teams that are planning to travel to interregional tournaments or Junior National Qualifying or Championship Events. Age waivers are typically for players born in the summer months and in the grade below that which is normally associated with their age category. An Age Waiver must be submitted and approved before the player is allowed to be placed on the younger age team.
  • The Junior member should be asked to provide proof of membership, proof of birth date and a completed medical release form at tryouts.
  • At the time the player joins a club for the season a copy of the player's birth certificate (or other legal document displaying date of birth - i.e. passport, school records, adoption papers) must be submitted to the club if one is not already on file with the Arizona Region. The club will submit the birth certificate to the Region for any new members.
  • A full Junior membership is $55.
  • 8 and Under membership is Free ($0). This membership is for those 8 and under participating in youth programming (examples of youth programming would be First Touch programs, Hot Ta-Volleys, etc). If an 8 and under player is playing on a club's competition team, the player would be required to purchase the full junior membership.

Outdoor Membership - Full Season Outdoor Only membership.

  • An Outdoor membership is for adult or junior players playing sand or grass competition only. This membership is a full season membership.
  • This membership type may not be put on an indoor roster. If an Outdoor member wishes to particiapte indoor they must upgrade to a full adult or full junior member.
  • The outdoor membership is $30.
  • Upgrade to full member is $25

League Membership - Restricted membership type which must be approved BEFORE regsitration in WebPoint.

  • A league membership is for players on a designated team in a designated league set up and approved by the Region. It is not for members on a club team playing in the Region or USAV tournaments. The Arizona Region tournament schedule is not a league. A league is specified as less than 24 total hours of play over a maximum of 8 weeks. It is not upgradeable to a full membership.
  • The league membership is $30.

Summer Member -

  • Summer memberships are for those adults and juniors that register after May 1st to participate in post-season or summer only events.
  • Summer Memberships are partial memberships and are good for outdoor play, sanctioned camps, and sanctioned tournaments after the indoor season is completed. Players joining a team after May 1st that is attending a National Championship event may not register for a Summer Membership. Anyone participating in a USAV National Championship Event must be a Full membership type (e.g., Junior Member).
  • A summer membership is $15

One Event member -

  • A one event membership is for adults or juniors for one specified day only - the effective date must be entered in the box next to the One Day choice in WebPoint or it will default to the date the membership was entered in the system.
  • If another one day membership is needed the member will be required to upgrade the membership to a full adult or junior member.
  • A one event membership is $15 for Juniors and $20 for Adults

Upgrade -

  • Anyone that registered for a partial membership type may upgrade to the full adult or junior membership. A restricted membership type (League) may not be upgraded.
  • A One day membership may not be renewed for another One Day membership in the same season. If the player wants to continue to play an Upgrade to full member is the renewal choice.
  • The cost for the upgrade would be the difference in the cost of the membership type already paid and $55 - the full adult or junior membership.

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