Arizona Region of USA Volleyball
Board of Directors Elections

Per the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball Constitution and By-Laws the positions on the Board of Directors are to be elected every three years. The elections for the positions are staggered so the entire board is not elected at the same time. Except for the Jr Division Coordinator, the elections are held in the spring with the conclusion of the balloting to coincide with the last Region Championships tournament. The Jr Division Coordinator election begins at the Boys Forum in August and concludes at the Girls Forum in September.

All Regular members (adult membership with a FR17 or MR17 at the end of the membership #) of the Arizona Region are eligible to vote as long as the member is in good standing with the Region and are part of the consituency group.

2017 Board Nomination Form. Please use the Nomination form to self nominate or to nominate someone else. If you are nominating someone else you must have their permission to submit a nomination form. They must also meet the qualifications and be capable of fulfilling the duties of the office. Nomination forms are due in the Region Office no later than April 17th. Officials At Large Nomination form

The Positions and Qualififcations/Job Descriptions for each position being elected this Spring are:

Board Position Qualification and Job Description
Secretary/Treasurer Qualification and Job Description
Adult Division Coordinator Qualifications and Job Description
Junior Division Coordinator Qualifications and Job Description
Officials Division At Large (2) Qualifications and Job Description

The positions will be voted on and elected as described below:

Position Elected By Voting Period
Secretary/Treasurer All Current Regular Members April 29 - May 13
Adult Division Coordinator All Current Rostered Adult Team Members May 7 - Adult Region Championships
Junior Division Coordinator All Current Club Directors August 5 - September 17
Officials At Large All Current Paid Officials - Adult members April 29 - May 13


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This is the call for nominations for the positions above. The completed Nomination Form should be received in the Region Office no later than 5 pm on Monday, April 16th. (DO NOT try to SAVE or SAVE AS the document to your computer - it will not save the data entered. You must PRINT the document as a PDF to save it to your computer.) Once the nomination forms have been received, the candidates will be vetted to make sure they are eligible candidates as described in the Eligibility Requirements document.

A candidate may self nominate or have someone nominate him/her. Please make sure the candidate has the qualifications for the office and the willingness to serve the position before nominating them.

Click on the link above with each position to see the duties and responsibilities of each position or the link of the candidate to see their Nomination form.

Balloting will begin on April 25th at the start of the Region Championships tournament weekends. Balloting will conclude with the final Region Championships tournament on May 9th.

Ballot - please complete (it is fillable) and print off this ballot. No other ballot may be used. You must hold a 2015 adult full membership to cast a vote. You may only vote 1 time.

Complete the ballot and turn in to any site director at our Region Championships, scan and email to or mail to Arizona Region, 9100 S. McKemy Street, Tempe, AZ 85284. Mailed and emailed ballots must be received by 6 pm on Saturday, May 9th to be counted. You must include your name or membership number for the ballot to be valid. IMPORTANT: To save the document with the information intact you must PRINT it as a pdf and then save it to your computer. If you try to SAVE it as a pdf the information will be lost and the ballot will be blank.

Each office has different eligibility of constituents to vote.

  • All Regular Adult members of the Arizona Region in good standing with the Region and who have a 2015 membership may vote for Commissioner and Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Paid Adult officials of the Arizona Region that are in good standing with Region and have a 2015 membership are eligible to vote for Official's Division Coordinator and the ODAC At Large position.
  • All Regular Adult Players (must be a full member on an adult team roster) in good standing with the Region and with a 2015 Arizona Region membership are eligible to vote for the Adult Division Coordinator.